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Supply of equipment

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Grandrich Corporation Pte.Ltd. realizes that the success of the company depends on customer satisfaction. Therefore we have a strong commitment to provide products and services that keeps our customers satisfied.

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Products Overview

MTM5000 Series TETRA System
APX 2500 P25 Radio
ASTRO 25 System
Furtivo Stealthy Device
APX 6500 Project 25
Neono Intelligence
MTM5000 Series TETRA System

TETRA systems continue to be deployed in more and more countries supporting Public Safety and Mission Critical operations with secure, reliable and resilient communications.

APX 2500 P25 Radio

The APX gets the job done without getting in the way of the user. Powerful, rugged, compact and mobile while remaining budget friendly, an IP65 rating ensures that the radio is protected from total dust ingress and low pressure water jet from all directions.

ASTRO 25 System

The Motorola ASTRO® 25 systems network are designed to meet the current and future requirement for project 25 solutions. ASTRO 25 Cybersecurity assurance solutions.

Furtivo Stealthy Device

Furtivo offers the power of native application development with the flexibility of unparalleled HTML5 support. Fully Encrypted smart communications.

APX 6500 Project 25

Flexible Platform. Interchangeable control heads that support your operational needs: 02, 03, 05, 07and 09 High power and Mid power version are available.

Neono Intelligence

This device has an easy interface to use and an inter-string communication protection system and has a monitoring function to monitor the movement of field.

Security FAQs

Why should we plan for Disaster Recovery with telecom?

We take our phones for granted and assume that our phone systems will always work. However, unforeseen circumstances (e.g., thunderstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages etc.) may occur which can result in the power and phone lines to be down. 

What is OTN (Optical Transport Network) in telecommunications?

Optical Transport Networking is a telecommunication industry-standard protocol which provides a way of multiplexing different services onto optical light paths. It was originally designed to promote network evolution beyond SONET/SDH.

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