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RF & Telematics Products
ASTRO 25 System

The Motorola ASTRO® 25 systems network are designed to meet the current and future requirement for project 25 solutions.

Our G series portfolio of RF station, receivers, site controllers and comparators is designed to maximize channel up-time, simplify system technology refresh, enable smaller more efficient site design and minimize the cost of ownership.

APX 2500 Project 25 Mobile Radio

Small and Easy to install

  •  Fit into existing XTL footprint so you can re-use mounting holes and cables

  •  With integrated GPS in the APX 2500, you can keep an eye on responders and asset you cant see.

APX 1000 Portable Radio

Everything you want for a radio for less. You pay for only the functionality you need at the level you can afford without giving up the exceptional quality and reliability you expect from APX 1000.

If you are racing to respond to an electrical outage or monitoring a highway construction build, you need a radio that keeps you connected, instantly and continuously no matter the situation, background noise, weather or duration

APX 6500 Project 25 Mobile Radio

We made it easy to operate and use. APX 6500 has safety feature of GPS location function.

Flexible Platform. Interchangeable control heads that support your operational needs: Mid power and High power versions (02, 03, 05, 07 & 09) are available as well.

MTM5000 Series TETRA Mobile Radios

TETRA systems continue to be deployed in more and more countries supporting Public Safety and Mission Critical operations with secure, reliable and resilient communications.

Motorola has shipped over 2 millions TETRA radios to customers around the world

Data is growing in importance. When it was introduced the dominant use of the TETRA was for voice communication, but the use of TETRA as a data bearer has steadily increased.  Beginning with the use of status messaging and text, data over TETRA has evolved into the use of picture messaging. WAP and the data-base access. TETRA is also being use for machine to machine communication in industries stuch as power distribution.

MTP 3000 Series TETRA Radios
  • IP65, IP66, IP67, rain and shine

  • Wideband – 350-470Mhz & 800Mhz

  • GPS & Beidou or GLONASS

  • End to end



Neono Intelligence Secured Smartphone

Neono is a mobile communications device with the latest and sophisticated specifications to help the work of field officers.

This device has an easy interface to use and an inter-string communication protection system, and has a monitoring function to monitor the movement of field officers using this mobile device.

Furtivo Stealthy Device System

Furtivo offers the power of native application development with the flexibility of unparalleled HTML5 support.Furtivo also offers the potential for application developers to extend their reach to new “Secured Smart Devices”.

  • Fully Encrypted – full hardware encryption for your device and stored data.

  • Secured Communications – Secure communications through encryption for calls, instant messaging and chats.

  • Making full use of application – Furtivo combines many powerful software tools from established projects to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Adapting to your needs – Being based on the most flexible desktop in the world means you can truely make your phone your own.

  • What is the best way to plan for Disaster Recovery with Telecom?
    We take for granted that our phone systems will always work, as we are so used to them “just working” all the time. But situations do happen, from natural disasters such as thunderstorms and tornadoes to construction projects that down power and phone lines.
  • What is OTN (Optical Transport Network) in telecommunications?
    Optical Transport Networking is a telecommunication industry-standard protocol which provides a way of multiplexing different services onto optical light paths. It was originally designed to promote network evolution beyond SONET/SDH.
  • How can we work together?
  • Who does the implementations?
    With the technical expertise given, our engineers will discuss your needs according to your desire plan to implement your communication.
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